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About Jane Austen

Jane Austen*

The book Sense and sensibility was written by Jane Austen. She was a writer of English literature. Jane Austen was born in a period of great changes in Europe. The beginning of 18 century occurred in Europe an important movement called of French Revolution. In this century was born also the Romanism. Jane Austen began to develop a text that criticized the novels half of 18th century. For it, she used irony, sarcasm in the stories. I think that the importance of this writer is to bring to literature a point of view of a woman. In this period of time, a woman didn’t have a voice. They were things for the society. Jane Austen used pseudonyms as a strategy. When Jane Austen was alive she had little positive criticism. The mains subjects of her books are around money and marriage. This was the main universe of woman. I think that she hated therefore she writes about.

*This text was produced by me in the discipline in the English  novel in 2010.2.

Naiana Freitas 24/12/2010

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