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My opinion about the book “A Small place”- Jamaica Kincaid

My opinion about the book “A Small place”- Jamaica Kincaid

I liked very much to read the book “A Small place” because; I thought of the relationship between my country and Jamaica’s country. It’s fantastic the memories of Jamaica Kincaid in this book. She remembers her childhood, her old Antigua before the British Empire devastated all the things. As the language, the library, the identity of people that lived there.

A small place has a perfect name, because the book talks about the little island called Antigua. Jamaica Kincaid describes the beautiful place a beautiful nature. She observes the point of view of a tourist and the point of view of a native. A tourist will see only good things in Antigua. The natives in general don’t see any problems in their country. There are little natives that can criticize writes the organization of their country.

Jamaica Kincaid writes about the cultural features in this boo. This element is more important in all post colonial literature. She tells us about the behavior of natives in relationship the colonizer behavior.

The post colonialism literature is a shout for freedom because the people in the oppressed countries are tired of oppressor. For example, there is a passage of text that she says: We can’t speak our language. We have to speak that language of oppressor we haven’t choice.

At the end, A small place, has little events, the natives think that slavery was a good thing to them. Because the cultural discourse of the empire is strong. The people the generations forget their own culture, ideology, or better, the sense of wrong or right. Because they always wait for an order, an idea, or a reason of their lives.

I think that Jamaica Kincaid is sensible to speak about the problems of her country softly and with irony. And of course, she was there. And for it the narrative is real and reflexive.

Naiana Freitas - 20/12/2010

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