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My personal perspective about the theory of psychoanalysis

My personal perspective about the theory of psychoanalysis

The influences of psychoanalysis are big in different fields of knowledge. This theory opened new discourses in the human society. Because, the human being become a complex unit (element). The theory was a revolution because, the emotional and rational feelings passed to be linked in an only physical body. In my opinion, the psychoanalysis introduced a new perspective to the studies of literature discourse, medicine. I saw some similarities of psychoanalysis with the discourse theory. Nowadays, the studies about discourses are elaborated with the use of psychoanalysis tools. For example, the subject is an ambiguous, the subject moves of a stage to other. The same example can be seen in elaboration of text. We can study literature with a focus on Freud´s ideas too. We can think about the text trough of ideas of characters, in other hand, we can think as a problematic context of production can produce characters ambiguous with unconscious crises. The psychoanalysis can go back to its origin field: medical/science. Many diseases in our contemporary world can be explained with the use of theories about ego, unconscious, Oedipus complex. Of course, that the Freud´s and Lacan´s concepts don’t solve all problems of world.  The center of all problems is the human being. And the human being won’t be a static, pale and weak character in the “real “life.

*Nota da autora:
Texto escrito originalmente como resposta de uma questão de prova na disciplina LETB26-literatura e psicanálise em 05/05/2011.
®Naiana Freitas, 28 de julho de 2011.

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