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My analysis of song Civil war[1]

When, I found this song, Civil war by Guns n´Roses, I discovered that my brother, who´s 14 years old, knows more about music than me. He knows this song and when I said to him: “- I will do my final English work using this song, Civil war. He was very happy and he introduced the song to me. Cause I had never listened it. So, I will tell about Civil war.
The song Civil war has modern lyrics, because the music “speaks” about the Vietnam War in 20th century, but today we can read the lyrics changing the idea about Vietnam war for the human civil war our planet, countries, cities, neighborhoods. Today, we have “failure to communicate”. The people killed one another without reason. So, women are crying over the bodies of the children. The “ young men fighting” for drugs. Before, they had gone to war to fight for their country. There was an enemy. At least there was an ideological discourse that said this. (There is happens in some countries still, for example, in the USA, China, and Korea). Today, we are the enemy. I believe that post- modernism also changed the war. Our lifestyle changed what we had understood about war.
The fear, hated is present in our modern life. The song seems a shout of revolt because the singer said: “My hands are tied/ the billions shift from side to side...”.In Brazil, for example, the civil population is with the hands tided as crime rise. And who controls the money?
The next lines seem like a memory of past. Because the song shows us memory with history: “[...] and in my first memories/ they shot Kennedy...” then the song said: “[...] so I never fell for Vietnam...” This sentence needs to be read in a context to make the meaning clear. Today, we “don’t need your civil war”. In this way, I can change the possessive adjective: “your” (government)   to “our” (people). And continued: “[...] It feeds the rich while it buries the poor/ your power hungry selin’Soldiers/ in a human grocery store "Ain't that fresh"/I don't need your civil war.”  It is very strong the image made by “human grocery store”. In this sentence it is possible to feel the horror of war of Vietnam or the horror our war. (Present war). This song became in an anthem of revolt, because every time the phrases show us a concern, revolt, and impatience. When we listen: “[...] Look in the doubt we’ve wallowed/ look at the leaders we’ve followed/ look at the lies we’ve slowed/ and I don’t want to hear no more”.
Once again: “[...] my hands are tied/ for all I’ve seen has changed my mind/ but still the wars go on as the years go by.” Today despite the fact that we have seen terrible things around the world, we are doing the same things, or despite time (20th   for 21st century) that as gone, we haven´t learn. The population (people) doesn’t learn to change their ideas. The final part of song   is very amazing, because I haven’t words to explain it. Because,  it is very strong. It makes us reflect. So I need to say once again: “[...]'Cause all these dreams are swept aside/ by bloody hands of the hypnotized/ who carry the cross of homicide/ and history bears the scars of civil wars”. Finality “the popular war advances”. I don’t know if “peace is closer”. Sincerely,  I don’t know. As the last phrase of the song: “[...] what so civil 'bout war anyway...” It’s a good question. But I don’t have answers. I think, people don’t think about this question, or Why do we fight? Why do we kill other people? Why?

Naiana Freitas, 12 de janeiro de 2013.

[1]  Nota da blogueira: este texto foi escrito em 2009. 

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